Zoe has been with us for a little over a month now, and her leg continues to look better all the time. We are relieved that a laceration that was so ugly to begin with has left her with no permanent lameness. When she originally came to us we were still at the point of cleaning the wound daily with betadine, but Dr. Devine saw her a few weeks ago and said she’s healed enough to where we can discontinue that and just let it keep healing on its own. We monitor it closely, but otherwise now leave it alone, as long as it keeps looking like it’s doing what it should be.

Zoe still has a long way to go before this wound has completely healed. It still has a large scab covering it, but it has improved significantly since she has been in the care of animal control and now here at SAFE.

We have enjoyed getting to know this little mare. She’s spunky and fun, and has been very tolerant of the wound care process.