Nothing makes us happier than when we get to announce that one of our horses has been adopted. But when it’s a horse that has been with us for a significant period of time, it’s even sweeter to be able to say that another wonderful horse has found an equally wonderful home. Aiden came to SAFE almost 4 years ago…and we’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow from a starved and skinny little colt into a handsome, lively, and happy gelding.

A few weeks ago, Aiden left SAFE Harbor Stables with the Henwood family, who were looking for a suitable horse for their family and their two horse crazy daughters. We got some great updates during that time, telling us what a good boy Aiden was, how calm and well-behaved he was being for their trainer and their kids, and how much they were enjoying him. Today we got the happy news that the Henwoods would like to give Aiden a permanent home. We are thrilled for Aiden and the Henwoods and we wish them many, many happy trails!

So many people contributed to Aiden’s recovery and to his development as a fine, upstanding citizen, but in particular, we’d like to thank Allison Sheka and Heather Roe who have both put in many hours in the saddle with Aiden, and whose hard work has really paid off in a big way for this horse. The Henwoods have remarked over and over again about the maturity of this horse and how well trained he is, and we owe a large debt of thanks to both of you for getting him to this point. Thank you!!!

Here are some of the photos that the Henwoods have shared with us during the trial period, enjoy the smiles!!