The newest horses at SAFE are a 6 year old Morgan mare and her 6 month old filly. The pair were seized by Animal Control when their owner refused to seek treatment for a serious wound on Zoe’s leg. It took more than two months of treatment for the wound to heal, but fortunately it is much better now and does not appear to affect her soundness. Zoe is a lovely bay mare who is unstarted under saddle but she’s very athletic, judging by her ability to buck in the roundpen! She also seems to be a quick learner, and she’s very kind & gentle. Her filly is an adorable buckskin with extraordinary eyes. Piper is sweet and cuddly and everyone at the barn is in love with her. She was weaned while in animal control custody so she is kept separately from her mom, and seems quite well adjusted. 

Here are some photos of Zoe and Piper from Jessica Farren: