Nala has been great about both her stall rest and being hand walked.  After reviewing her progress with Dr. Devine at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital, we decided it was time to start the next phase of Nala’s rehab plan.

We began riding her for 20 minutes at the walk.  The added weight will increase the load on her hooves and help with the strengthening process.  We will increase her walking by five minutes a week up to 30 minutes.  At that point, we will try five minutes of trotting for a few weeks.  Initially, the trotting will be in a straight line, then we will build up to circles.  As long as Nala continues to stay sound, we will bump up the trotting time an additional five minutes every few weeks.

We are crossing our fingers that she will continue to heal during her carefully managed rehab.  Our hope is that Nala will be available for adoption as a riding horse in the next two to three months.