SEX: Mare BREED: Quarter Horse type REGISTERED NAME:  
COLOR: Palomino MARKINGS: Blaze & two hind socks    
YOB: 2000 AGE: 18 HEIGHT: 14.3 WEIGHT: 923 lbs.
LOCATION: Redmond ADOPTION FEE: $300 Online Adoption Application  

Amelia’s Story

Amelia is about 18–20 years old and she’s recovering from neglect and starvation. We initially thought she was pregnant, due to an increase of swelling in her udder, but it turned out that this poor mare had mastitis. She was treated with antibiotics and seems to be on the mend. Amelia is a very sweet mare who loves to be petted and scratched. She seems quite starved for affection, and quite happy to be loved on. We’ll be looking for a suitable companion home for this sweet old girl.

All SAFE horses are adopted with a no‐breeding clause, no exceptions.

Amelia Today

What a sweetie! Amelia loves to be loved on, and once she knows you’re a friend, she is very well mannered and has the potential to be a kid’s horse. Amelia came into SAFE troubled and as a result, has some residual hesitations with new people. She’ll need a family with good horse sense but once she trusts she is very amiable. Our SAFE Horsemanship volunteers have worked to develop her soft and responsive feel, and with her health stable, she is ready for a companion home–or with the right family, a child’s saddle horse for light riding.

Amelia Health Update

Amelia has been dealing with loose stool since before her arrival at Safe Harbor Stables. It has been a frustrating trial and error endeavor to try to find the best management option for her. Our vets recommended multiple treatment options, but just when we would start to think we’d found the answer, her loose stool would return. Bloodwork and fecal tests first to rule out anything we could that way, then slow feed changes, first cutting hay versus second cutting hay versus alfalfa hay, probiotics, intestinal protectant feed additives, different probiotics, restricting fresh grass intake, the list goes on. After her loose stool went to straight diarrhea, she was prescribed metronidazole, an antibiotic and antiprotazoal medication that has an anti‐inflammatory effect on the GI tract.

For a week she was on a three times daily treatment plan, which had Bonnie out at the barn to give a late PM dose each night. After her diarrhea returned after the seventh day, Dr. Fleck suggested we drop to twice daily administration for a course of 30 days. She is now at the tail end of this course of medication and her stool has been completely normal for a couple of weeks. Hopefully when she comes off of the metronidazole she will remain stabilized and that will be the end of it. Fingers crossed!

Amelia Makes Progress!

Amelia Makes Progress!

Glowing reports on Amelia’s progress from our Horsemanship Volunteer Phoebe! We will be talking with Joel Conner during this week’s clinic about his thoughts on offering her as a very light riding horse or a kids lead line. She is a sweet girl and in the right home she will be a great family member. Here is what Phoebe had to report:

Amelia — sweet, easy going but always checking to make sure she has a safe person to follow. (testing — swinging head around with intentions of possible bite, sometimes, but thinking better of it) she seems to be more aware of her handler & what they are asking — I think she might have just completely tuned out her former handler and it became habit. Learning a unified circle with nice bend both directions and still working on keeping distance equal all the way around. Better though! She is learning to follow soft feel for a one reined stop and I still think she may be a great kid’s horse.

She is starting to get softer and more responsive! We even broke into a trot to the left in the unified circle & she held good form and space for a little bit. I’m starting to get her to follow a feel into a one rein stop. Both sides. I cinched her up with the rope, and sacked her out. She did great of course. The bumps on her back are smaller. What a great kids horse she has the potential to be!

Getting to know Amelia

Getting to know Amelia

One of our wonderful Horsemanship volunteers, Phoebe, has been taking time to get to know Amelia. She seems like an old soul with a rough past. Her eyes are still lost…not quite ready to relax into the feeling of comfort or peace. But hopefully with all the love and extra attention from Phoebe, we’ll start to see her open up and start trusting people again. here is what Phoebe had to say about Amelia:

I have had the privilege of working with Amelia over the last couple weeks. The first time I tried to brush her she reached around as though to bite, but if I stroked her neck while brushing her belly, she totally relaxed. She is totally chill now to brushing. No bite. I’ve roped her fronts, she was fine, her right hind she kicked & protested but figured it out pretty quick and was good about me cleaning it once that was established.

She seemed very dull to human contact at first, but is becoming more aware & seems almost relieved to not have to be the alphaa anymore. She is smart, picks things up quickly, and wants to please. Her ground manners when being led are SO much better! She is learning to read me when walking on the lead, stopping, backing. Still working on the unified circle, didn’t have much chance to revisit that last week. What a calm, friendly, respectful mare she is! And what a great kids horse she could become. I can see a 4 year old loving on her, and her eating it up. Just my opinion at this stage. She is beginning to follow a feel consistently when asking for a one rein stop, both sides, is slowly learning to back up when asked, but not good at yielding her front — really dull, but not bad at yielding her hind.

Updated Photos of Amelia

Updated Photos of Amelia

Amelia is looking much happier and prettier now that she’s enjoying some grooming and kindness. She will be going on trial for adoption as a companion horse, so fingers crossed she has a new home!!

thank you for the photos, Jessica!!

Amelia is not Pregnant

Amelia is not Pregnant

Dr Holohan, DVM from Pilchuck Vet Hospital did an examination of Amelia today and determined that she is not pregnant, but is suffering from mastitis, which is causing swelling and edema in her udder and abdomen. Amelia has been prescribed antibiotics to combat the infection, as well as stripping of built up fluids and cold hosing to relieve her discomfort. Mastitis is not very common in non‐lactating mares, and can be very painful and uncomfortable. However with prompt treatment, it can usually be treated without lasting negative effects. Amelia is such a sweet mare, and she’s been living very rough for a while, so we are glad to be able to provide her with some relief and get her back to good health. We are also relieved that she is not pregnant, because at her age she deserves to take it easy and be pampered. Hopefully there is someone out there who can offer her a nice home where she will get the care she deserves.

Two New Horses to Introduce

Two New Horses to Introduce

SAFE has two new intakes to introduce to the community. Both of these horses have suffered some pretty serious neglect, and both have a long road of recovery ahead of them. Fortunately, that roads lead right through Save a Forgotten Equine and our rehabilitation team!

Orion is a tall, strapping young lad, about 5–7 years old, whose body looks like he’s been through a war…covered in scrapes and cuts. He also was apparently hit or kicked in the face at some point, which resulted in a fractured lower jaw and several teeth knocked askew. He’s had surgery to remove the broken teeth as well as the impacted and infected food that built up in the space, and he’s feeling much better now. He’s also got some swelling in one of his hind legs, but x‐rays came back clean and he appears to be sound on it.

Amelia is about 18–20 years old and she’s recovering from neglect and starvation. So imagine our surprise when this sweet old girl started showing signs of being in labor! Sadly it does appear that she is pregnant although at this point we don’t know if the foal is viable or how soon she might give birth. She’s under a vet’s care, and will be examined by an equine reproductive specialist from Pilchuck later this week. She is a very sweet mare who loves to be petted and scratched. She seems quite starved for affection, and quite happy to be loved on.

It’s times like these that we are so grateful for the people whose donations to SAFE make it possible for us to take in horses like Orion and Amelia and immediately provide them with the medical attention they need. Special thanks to Dr Hannah and NWESC for their support and caring!








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