description: 2005 white & chestnut pinto are
type of rescue: owner surrender
intake date: 6/1/2010
adoption date: 6/18/2013
length of time with SAFE: 3 years

ADOPTED!! by Karen J of Arlington WA

Zanadu was taken in by SAFE when she was five years old, an unhanded and underfed young mare, surrendered by her owners who were later charged with animal neglect. Restarted under saddle by Andrea Lucianna, Zan became a superstar riding horse — willing, easy, hard working, and so pretty to look at. She competed at several schooling shows in both Dressage and English Pleasure. She even went to the ocean. Through it all, she proved herself to be level-headed, teachable, and fun to ride. But adoption eluded our dear Zan…she came close a few times, but that perfect home never quite appeared. The problem was Zan’s slightly enlarged knee, which we believed to have been caused by an old injury. She’d always been perfectly sound, but we had to caution potential adopters that she could end up facing arthritis and needing joint maintenance, and that uncertainty was enough to scare off potential new homes.

Then we showed her x-rays to Dr Bryant at Pilchuck Vet Hospital and asked him for an evaluation. He told us that Zan had bone chips in her knee joint, and that she looked to be a good surgical candidate. Thanks to a generous donation from the Adams family, plus matching funds from Microsoft, Zan got the surgery she needed to be sound and comfortable for the rest of her life. It was not too long after Zan’s rehabilitation was complete that an adopter came forward…a woman who had followed Zan’s progress with SAFE for years who was finally ready to adopt a horse. When Karen finally met Zanadu in person for the first time, she cried. Zan is beloved and treasured in her new home, and we are so happy that she has found her person.


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November 5, 2017

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