Quick update for your Easter weekend…this beautiful day I took Corona out and cleaned him up.  Finally, he is growing in a much healthier-looking summer coat where he had been bald in patches.  He is still clinging on to some of the more stubborn long wiry winter coat hairs but is looking better every day.  The penis injury is almost completely healed now and he has gained a lot of weight.  He still struggles with chronic diarrhea, despite probiotics, so we keep his tail in a tail bag (generously donated by Brooke at Custom Tailbags).  Today I scrubbed his hind legs and tail, groomed him, and took some new photos.  He is looking much better, isn’t he?  Starting to see what a beauty he will be under all that hair!

We also picked up Aiden today in anticipation of him going to training tomorrow, and Nadia’s return (if you hadn’t heard, she is already pending adoption).  Here’s a couple of pictures of him hanging out in our pasture.  He’s still only about 14h, but stocky and absolutely a sweetheart.  Went out tonight to put his sheet on him and he just laid his head on my shoulder and nuzzled my ponytail.  Sigh.

Tonight we had a booth at the Spring National Jumper Show for the Grand Prix.  We got to watch some fabulous horses and also talked to lots of people, including a couple that were interested in adopting!

Tomorrow there will be lessons with both Annie and Zanadu being ridden in lessons by potential adopters.  Char will also get a ride by our volunteer Victoria, who had been riding Lucky.  FYI, peeked in on Lucky today up at NWESC.  I didn’t get any pictures of him but he was snoozing back in the corner of his stall, as he likes to do.  Seems to be handling stall rest quite well!  So far, so good.  Romeo also seemed more relaxed…finally!