Sinatra (so named because of his beautiful blue eyes) is one of 10 horses seized from a Carnation farm on February 23. 2008. This little colt has a Body Condition Score of 1.5 on a scale of 1–9. Sinatra was living in a pen about 12x36 with another colt, Kokomo, which was full of dead blackberry bushes and debris, including wood will nails protruding. There was no food other than the blackberry bushes in the pen and no hay anywhere on the property. Not 15 feet from their pen was a dead mare, her body bloated and partially eaten by coyotes, perhaps the mother of Sinatra or Kokomo. Sinatra was wearing a halter and was thankfully, once we brought in some hay, easy to catch and load into the trailer.

Sinatra was also suffering from severe parasite infestation, rain rot, and his feet did not appear to have ever been trimmed. The lack of hoof care and severe malnutrition caused Sinatra to be quite severely cow-hocked, although we were hopeful that much of this will resolve as he recovers. His appearance was deceptive due to his thick fuzzy winter coat and his extremely distended belly from the internal parasites, but when you touched this baby you could feel nothing on him but skin and bones. Sinatra captured our hearts with his affectionate and boisterous personality. Despite his hardships, he loved people and attention and was always waiting at the stall door for more attention from his rescuers. We did have some concerns with Sinatra as his body temparature was low his first day with us, but he seemed to be doing better and his energy level and appetite were good.