Update from Sundance Equestian:

The big news this week out at the barn is Sinatra finally has a girth to call his own!! Thanks to a wonderful donation from his friends at SAFE, we were able to buy him a brand new girth. It is a size 38 — and yes, he probably could use a 36 depending on your saddle — but it fits and the saddles stay on and we are excited to actually get to see a person on his back. We’ve put him on the line with the saddle on to make sure it would stay in place (it did!) and yesterday, after a short lunge lesson, Danika stepped up into the irons for the first time. We did a nice lead line lesson with him and he was wonderful, so we are super excited to see what is next for our funny guy. Hopefully we get a chance now to put all those hours of getting him broke on the line to transfer to a happy and calm pony under saddle so he can find a wonderful kid to love him forever — needless to say we are excited to see how the next few weeks go for him!

Sinatra is back in the saddle