SAFE has three new horses to introduce. All three are in emaciated condition with severe parasite loads, lice, poor coats, overgrown hooves, and facial indentations from halters that were too small for them. They are currently under the care of Dr Hannah Mueller at Cedarbrook Vet Care, and will remain there until their conditions are stabilized.

River is a young black & white paint stallion who will be gelded as soon as Dr. Mueller has dealt with his parasite overload. He is a delightful young man who has already made many friends among his rescuers! He is in the best condition of the three, and looks to be sound, despite the terrible condition of his hooves. Click here to visit River’s page.

Bridgit is a yearling bay & white pinto filly who is also very sweet, friendly and loving, despite her condition. She was hard to photograph because she kept moving toward the camera, asking for attention. She is surprisingly gentle and respectful for a filly from a neglect situation which we hope bodes well for her in the future. Click here to visit Bridgit’s page.

Jewel is a yearling palomino & white pinto filly who is undoubtedly going to be stunning once she’s rehabilitated. Right now, she looks pretty scruffy, due to her neglect, and according to the vet techs who are currently handling her, she’s a bit of a pill. Jewel has what appears to be a slight clubfoot, although Dr.  Mueller is hopeful that it’s just an angular issue that can be corrected with proper trimming. Click here to visit Jewel’s page.

We will continue to update you on the progress of these three new horses, but for now they are all responding well to treatment, and enjoying being cared for and fed by people who care about them.