Tilt was adopted in March 2021 along with another horse friend, Valentine, a 16 year old sweet chestnut mare, but due to unfortunate circumstances, both made their way back to SAFE. Tilt was only back at SAFE for a few short months before catching the eye of one of our Alumni Adopters, Julie. Julie adopted Jewel back in 2017 and was just across the park from SAFE. Both regularly participated in the Joel Connor clinics every year and we were able to see their abilities and bond grow over time.

Now, Julie and Jewel were moving to Santa Fe. Everyone was happy for her family, but of course sad we wouldn’t see them regularly! But before leaving, Julie wanted to adopt a friend for Jewel and of course she knew the perfect place. Tilt would be the lucky chosen lady to make the big move down south with her soon to be new best friend. The two slowly got acquainted with adjacent paddocks at SAFE before being picked up on July 4th to make the long move home.

Both are settled into their new homes and we look forward to seeing frequent updates from Santa Fe.

Watch below as Terry awarded Julie the “Most Committed Adopter” award at the last Joel Connor clinic Julie was able to participate in. There were tears from both Terry and Julie and some yawns by Jewel.