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Sinatra Update from June 30 2008

Sinatra is actually starting to grow into himself and look like a horse. And he can move! When he gets going he is really quite fancy to watch. No action shots today but here are a couple enjoying his HUGE new pasture with Phoenix!  LOOK at this! He has straightened out behind!  I included a… Continue Reading

Sinatra and Phoenix from May-June 2008

May 21 2008 Not exactly a glamour shot, but here here’s Sinatra and Phoenix – I call this shot “Bonnie’s Groupies.” Sinatra is so laid back compared to Phoenix, who is Bart Simpson personified. Or is that horseified? June 12 2008 Mike managed to grab the camera and a photo of the boys playing rough (as… Continue Reading

Sinatra Update from Apr 27 2008

Here’s our boy today, he is SUCH a ham but standing still for photos is not really his thing. I know it is hard to tell from these photos, but I actually see signs of a pretty horse emerging under all this hair. Right now though, he is still pretty homely looking: Continue Reading

Phoenix Antics

I went to Jaime’s today to turn the boys out since it looked like we were going to get a break from the rain. It has been SOP to lead them both at the same time, and this has not been a problem, but alas I think those days are coming to an end. No… Continue Reading

Sinatra Update from Apr 19 2008

Yesterday I thought Mr. Blue Eyes’ vision might be in real danger… Turns out it was my diagnostic skills that are in doubt. Not to mention my ability to close stall doors… Continue Reading

Sinatra Update from Apr 17 2008

So Saturday was Kokomo’s day to scare me, and last night was Sinatra’s. He bolted his grain and within seconds was choking. It was 7:30 when it happened and I knew Hannah was in the middle of putting Cadillac down, but I called to give her a heads up and pulled his food (much to… Continue Reading