Ruckus was one of five horses surrendered to SAFE in 2016 after their owner passed away unexpectedly. He and his friends came to SAFE in good health, but with very uncertain futures. Ruckus quickly became a volunteer favorite, and we delighted in the way this tiny horse conducted himself among his much larger herd mates, each of whom clearly adored him. He was adopted fairly quickly in April of 2017 to be a companion horse for the family’s 15 yr old racehorse. The two were quickly best friends.

In May of 2022, due to personal circumstances, Ruckus’ owner needed to rehome him and another SAFE alum horse, Artie. Because of the short timeline the adopter had to find them a new home, we happily took the two back and continued the search for a new family. It wasn’t long at all before he caught the eye of Lauren and Bryan who have already adopted 3 SAFE horses! Phoenix, King and Sinatra were now about to get a fourth pint sized buddy. Lauren and Bryan were very impressed with how relaxed Ruckus was around their two little boys. This was a match made in heaven!