Financial Disclosures

SAFE is an Exempt Organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and a registered non-profit corporation in the state of Washington. Donations made to SAFE since our incorporation on October 30, 2006 are tax-deductible. All donations to SAFE are carefully recorded and tracked, and SAFE will supply prompt acknowledgement, including tax receipts, for each donation.

We received our exemption on June 15, 2007, and, as required by the Internal Revenue Service, our application for exemption and Form 990s are available to the public upon request. Anyone wishing to see a copy of SAFE’s IRS documents can contact SAFE Executive Director Bonnie Hammond via email at

As part of SAFE’s commitment to open and honest communication with its supporters, we strive to maintain complete transparency with our financial records. We publicly account for both incoming donations and outgoing expenses, and we welcome and encourage anyone who is interested in learning more to review our financial documents. We faithfully adhere to the guidelines put forth in the DONORS’ BILL OF RIGHTS, developed by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

SAFE publishes a monthly financial statement during the current tax year which can be downloaded below. Profit and Loss Statements for previous tax years are also available for download, as well as 990s and annual reports.

2016 Monthly Financial Statements

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SAFE 2015 990

2015 Annual Report / 2016 Budget Report

SAFE 2015 Annual Profit and Loss Statement (Summary)

SAFE 2015 Annual Profit and Loss Statement (Detail)


SAFE 2014 Form 990

SAFE 2014 Annual Report/2015 Budget Report

SAFE 2014 Annual Profit and Loss Statement (Summary)

SAFE 2014 Annual Profit and Loss Statement (Detail)


SAFE_2013_Form 990

SAFE 2013 Annual Report/2014 Budget Report

SAFE 2013 Annual Profit and Loss Statement (Summary)

SAFE 2013 Annual Profit and Loss Statement (Detail)


SAFE_2012_Form 990

SAFE 2012 Annual Report

SAFE 2012 Annual Profit and Loss Statement


SAFE 2011 Form 990ez

SAFE 2011 Annual Report

SAFE 2011 Annual Profit and Loss Statement


SAFE 2010 Form 990ez

SAFE 2010 Annual Report

SAFE 2010 Profit and Loss Statement


SAFE 2009 Form 990

SAFE 2009 Annual Report

SAFE 2009 Profit and Loss Statement


SAFE 2008 Form 990

SAFE 2008 Annual Report

SAFE 2008 Profit and Loss Statement


SAFE 2007 Form 990

SAFE 2007 Annual Report

SAFE 2007 Profit and Loss Statement


SAFE 2006 Annual Report

SAFE 2005-2006 Profit and Loss Statement


Other organizational information for SAFE

SAFE’s IRS Letter of Determination

SAFE’s EIN: 20-5825355

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