Kaya has been working with Barb since she arrived at SAFE. Here is what Kaya had to say about her:

Barb is turning out to be an all star riding horse! This sweet, charismatic, opinionated, intellegent pony keeps surprising me every ride. Barb was one of the most difficult groundwork horses I had ever worked with, but she has really turned that all around. She is now riding well on a loose rein, moving through all transitions off of a feel and is starting to get better about steering using legs instead of relying on reins. Barb carries a soft feel beautifully at the walk and trot and has even started working on some leg yields! The next steps for Barb will be working more on a soft feel in the canter and through transitions. She will also start working with other volunteer riders soon so that she can get used to other people’s feel and seat. I’m so proud of this fun little lady and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her!”