Our handsome fellow has found a home!

Bowie has been adopted by Pat, and it’s clear he’s already enjoying the hair care regimen his luxuriant mane requires.

Because he was gelded late in life, Bowie is not a beginner’s mount, but with the right energy from his handler he’s a gentleman on the ground and easily managed under saddle. That’s why we’re so excited he found Pat. Her vast horse experience is a perfect match for Bowie. He will maintain his manners, continue as a riding horse and enjoy the good gelded life.

Pat’s daughter was kind enough to share an update and photos:

My mom’s face says it all. She is over-the-top in love with Bowie. We all are. He is doing great and is such a happy boy with such a sweet temperament. And, he has just enough of a dramatic, expressive flair to make him interesting. We adore his personality.

Pat has been sending us wonderful updates on Bowie, too:

I am totally smitten by this ‘chunky monkey’ and am thrilled to have him in my life. Bowie is still a total gentleman, respectful of me in every way. He responds to voice tone and stays out of my space easily. AND he is the tidiest boy I have ever worked with. He poops in one spot and pees against one side so cleaning his stall is a piece of cake. I am able to blanket while he dines without any fuss. I want to thank the staff and volunteers SAFE for all of their support, kindness and patience. You do a wonderful job for these deserving equines. I am having more fun than I have had in years.”

We couldn’t have found a better match for Bowie, and we’re so happy for them both.