Here is an update on Cameron from one of our volunteers, Carrie S:

This is the magic of SAFE. A sweet old pointy Cameron is now a dashing debonair gelding full of life and showing his stuff. I took him out for his daily walk yesterday and he was simply dancing and prancing. Kaya gave permission to turn him out for a romp in the round pen without his blanket so he could roll and play. As soon as the halter came off he bucked and farted and galloped. I was astonished to see all of his muscles!! Look at that rump and those hips. He’s a solid, happy 30 year old with tons of life left in him. I wish I could see pics of him at 10 years old. Such a handsome boy who can still float above the ground.  Thank you SAFE for giving this sweet boy a second chance. He’s a love bug.”

Check out the video Carrie took of Cameron. He loves to kick up his heels!