We had a chance to have photographer Alessia Rauseo visit Safe Harbor and take some beautiful photos of our sweet Sienna. Sienna has recently come home from Nick Donohue’s training barn and she’s doing very well. She is still fairly green but she is accepting me as a new rider. She still needs more miles and experiences before she will be ready for the public but things are progressing well.

A few new things since coming home from training. First, Sienna LOVES her buddy Zoe…maybe a little too much. But it’s so cool that she can be turned out with other horses and is doing so well with companionship! Second, she is an expert with the farrier. Happy girl for her toe trims! And lastly, she is even MORE of a sweetheart than I remember before she left. She loves grooming and spending time just hanging out with me. Such a quiet soul who was just needing to understand what people wanted of her to be gentled. Sienna is AMAZING!!!